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Euro Millions is the most popular European, international lottery, which organizes the French lottery Francaise des Jeux, Camelot from the UK and the Spanish Loterias y Apuestas des Estad. Euro Millions is also known as the Euro Lotto. Initially, the Euro Lottery was created in 1994, but due to various problems it failed. Euro Millions was established February 7, 2004 (Saturday). The first draw took place on 13.02.2004 in Paris. Drawings take place every Tuesday and Friday in Paris. First Home Win was 15 million. At the start of Euro Millions was available in France, Spain and England. Later joined the Euro Millions Portugal, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. It happened during the draw, which was 8 October 2004. The fact that participates in the game until nine European countries are very large jackpots. The least you can win in EuroMillions 15 million. Of course, this accumulation may increase if no one hits the jackpot.

Record Awards July 31, 2005, after 9-fold accumulation Euro Millions Lotto jackpot was 115 million euros. Bought the lucky ticket Dolores McNamara, mother of six children in Garryowen, Limerick, Ireland. February 3, 2006, after 11 consecutive jackpots Euro Lotto jackpot totaled 125,194,303 British pounds. Winning split into three players (one from Portugal and two from France). This is the biggest prize in European lottery. February 3, 2006, resulting in accumulation of 11 lotto, Euro Millions lottery jackpot has reached a gigantic amount of 180 million euros (740 million). Lucky numbers wytypowaƂy three people - two from France and one from Portugal. Each person won a 60 million euros. May 8, 2009 - Spain. The player wins 126 million. October 8, 2010 in Great Britain amounted to 129,818,430 biggest win of the euro, all the numbers hit a person.

Game rules: To win the main accumulation (jackpot), you get 5 numbers with random numbers 50 and 2 of the 11 numbers. Hitting all those numbers can be a millionaire! The chances of winning the top prize are 1 to 116 000 000

How to play? The EuroMillions besides the traditional way, you can also play online. It is very easy! You need to register your account on this site Then on this page you can post bets. Payments are very straightforward. You can pay for your bets placed by credit card. After you have placed your numbers and paying for the coupon is you just have to wait for a happy lot, after which you may be lucky millionaire! If you manage to win, at in a very simple way you can manage your winnings. More details about how you play Do not hesitate, sign up now! Even if you fail to win the main prize, the probability of winning any prize is very great, because is 1:13.

Euro Millions

   Jackpot: €66,000,000

2023-03-21:   01-09-20-29-32  (2,3)
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