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El Gordo is a lottery, which comes from Spain. He enjoys the country's enormous popularity. As many as 98% of Spaniards buy bets on each draw ElGordo. Licenses for El Gordo y Apuestas has Loterías del Estado.

Wins in El Gordo are gigantic! You can win up to € 2.2 billion in the Christmas draw, which takes place December 22. This drawing is called El Gordo de Navidad. Besides the main prize in ElGordo is also over 13 000 prize money. Drawings, which are also to win large sums of money are: January 6-Sorteo del Niño, July 5 - "Summer poster" The draw takes up to 5 hours! It is viewed by all Spaniards. The probability of winning any amount of money is very high. It is 1 to 6

In addition to the above losowaniami also held an additional draw. The lucky numbers are drawn in January, March, May, July and November every Sunday at 13:00 Spanish time. Drawings take place in Madrid. Then you can win from 78 million to 655 million euros. Ticket for the plant in El Gordo is expensive, it costs 200 euros. A ticket is divided into 10 parts. You can buy all 10 parts, or only one or a few decades - "decimos". One decade it cost 20 euros. If a win falls on the ticket and the player will buy, for example, only one decade, then the winnings are split between those who bought "dozens" of a ticket.

The El Gordo lottery you have to delete the correct 5 numbers from 54 numbers in the coupon "pronósticos" and one number with the numbers 0 through 9 in the coupon "número clave."

How to play ElGordo?
Just that you enter on this page and register your account. Once you register an account, you will be able to draw zakupować coupons. After the purchase you get an order confirmation. On the you can easily manage your winnings. Find out now. Participate in and sign up! Purchase tickets for a draw, which takes place on Sunday ends at 15:00 on Saturday the time, which is valid in Spain. In addition to buying plants at El Gordo, you can buy here also betting on other popular lotteries around the world, such as the Euro Millions, Super Ena Lotto, Powerball or Mega Millions.

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