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Play and win on the Oz Lotto


OZ Lotto is a lottery, which comes from Australia. Also known as 7's Oz Lotto. Oz Lotto is operated by Tattersall's Limited. Oz Lotto Lottery is known as the first national lottery in Australia. Basic Oz Lotto jackpot is 2 000 000 Australian dollars.

Start Oz Lotto game is 2/26/1994. Then had to delete 6 numbers from 45 numbers. From 18/10/2005 to 7's Oz Lotto also deleted another number. Now, to win the top prize in Oz Lotto numbers should be deleted seven of 45 numbers. Oz Lotto name was changed to Super 7's Oz Lotto Tatts in the region and 7's Oz Lotto in Queensland.

The draw lucky numbers in Oz Lotto every Tuesday evening. During the draw machine draws nine numbers. The first seven numbers drawn in The winning numbers are. The next two numbers are the numbers drawn further, which are important for winning a lower level. Important! To win the jackpot you do not have to hit all nine numbers, you have to hit the 7 basic numbers.

How to play Oz Lotto?
First you set up your individual account on the website, which sells vouchers Oz Lotto. By clicking here, you can do quickly and easily. After logging into your account, you must select a sweepstakes, in which you want to play. In addition to the Oz Lotto can also be other lotteries, for example, Super Ena Lotto or Euro Millions. Then predict the lucky numbers. The site will be able to select the date draws your selected numbers. You will be able to point out how much you want to buy plants draw. Once this is done you have to press "add company". Now I just go to the payment. After payment you will receive an e-mail, which will be paid confirmed your bets. As you can see, this is very simple. Do not wait, play now! More

$ 106,549,984.76 is the biggest win in the history of Oz Lotto. This very large amount won two persons, one from Queensland and the other from southern Australia.

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