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Superenalotto lottery is coming from Italy. The game was developed by Sisal SpA. The first draw took place on 03.12.1997 SuperEnaLotto year. Super EnaLotto replaced EnaLotto, which operated from the 50s of the twentieth century. SuperEnaLotto Drawings are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Time of sampling is 20:00 local time in Italy. To have a chance to win millions in SuperEnaLotto, you must purchase a voucher, which costs only 1 Euro (1 plant). To win the jackpot, you must hit 6 numbers from 90 numbers and one additional number - Jolly Number. The initial accumulation in SuperEnaLotto is as high as € 1,300,000. There is no limit to the amount of accumulation, even if, for example for 20 draws, no one will hit all the numbers drawn, it is still growing accumulation. Thanks to this accumulation are gigantic, and you can win big money. If you want to win money in SuperEnalotto, you need to accurately predict 6 numbers (Jackpot), 5 numbers + additional number of "Jolly Number", 5 numbers, 4 numbers or 3 numbers. The amount of winnings is variable and depends on the jackpot in the lottery and the number of winning tickets per a given category.

Record Awards \u003cbr\u003e 04.05.2005 r. - 72 million € - 10 customers in a bar in Milan skreśliło lucky numbers. - \u003cbr\u003e 23.10.2008 - gigantic win Euro 100,756,197.30. \u003cbr\u003e 22/09/2009 - 147,807,299.08 - one of the biggest wins in SuperEnaLotto. Garnering a huge amount of one person. \u003cbr\u003e 30.10.2010 largest in the history SuperEnaLotto accumulation, which amounted to € 177,729,043.16. Shared victory with 70 people playing together.

Now also you have the chance to win millions in SuperEnaLotto. Simply register on the website and in a very simple way you can bet your numbers, so you can become a millionaire. Just spend a few minutes to set up your account and soon your account may affect millions! High time to begin to realize the dream of a great fortune! We can help you with that! Participate in, register and start playing. Really worth it! Find out now. Playing online in SuperEnaLotto you give yourself a chance to dream. You no longer need to leave the house, look for places where you can buy a plant. Even if you do not come from Italy, you can buy a bet on SuperEnaLotto. Just a zarejestować here Remember that if you want to delete the numbers on the lottery, then you can do so no later than 18 hours in the day on which the draw.

Probability trafienia6 numbers from 90 numbers is 1 to 622 630th 614 Other probability of hitting the numbers: 5 numbers + selected number - the probability of 1 to 103,769,105 5 numbers - probability: 1 to 1,235,346 4 numbers - probability: 1 to 11,907 3 numbers - probability: 1 to 327

In SuperEnalotto is the possibility of deletion of an additional number of "SuperStar". If our selected "SuperStar" will be drawn at random and the only ones we will get "six" is additionally receive € 2 million, if we will get 5 numbers and the number of "SuperStar" is additionally get € 1 million if only we we will get "high five." If more people will go 6 or 5 numbers plus "SuperStar", the payout is shared by all people. Number of "SuperStar" is drawn in a separate draw.

The first draw took place SuperEnalotto on 3 December 1997. Jackpots and prizes in the lottery SuperEna are among the largest in Europe and often reach a level of € 50,000,000 (210,000,000 zł).

Until 30 June 2009 was a random lottery SuperEna six main numbers and the number of regional Jolly Lotto draws Lottomatica in the cities of Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome. However, in the Venice lottery was the number of bonus Jolly. The first number drawn in the six Italian cities were the winning numbers SuperEnalotto. Where was drawn in the same number of regional lotteries, is another lottery number was selected.

Wins SuperEnaLotto less than 52.000 Euro you can pick up the next day in Rome or Milan, in the branch office Sisal. It must be up to 61 days from the date of draw in which you won. If you win the jackpot in SuperEnaLotto, unfortunately you have to reckon with the fact that your data will be made public and media interest in you. Lodge your coupon at the office Directorate-General awards, Via Alessio di Tocqueville, 13 - 20,154 in Milan. Win you get 61 days from the date of the draw. If you want to be anonymous winner, you have to go referral to a notary public and pay him 3% of winning.


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